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Our publications provide deep insight and practical advice across a variety of subjects in ITD Transformation. Whether you are looking for big-picture ideas or tactical applications of proven strategies, let our expertise and thought leadership guide you to evolve your ITD organization and IT services.

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  • Service Centricity – a brief overview +

    Service centric, customer focused and hybrid delivered: This paper helps to understand the definition of an IT service, the importance of a portfolio approach, the standardization of processes, the impact of automation and the importance of service delivery architecture. It describes an overview of all important artifacts to have implemented crucial for the journey to make your IT Delivery more acting as a business partner – to evolve to an IT as a Business model.... Read More
  • A Hybrid Service Delivery Model +

    The IT Delivery is evolving into a Hybrid Service Delivery Model. Business services use more and more IT service capabilities or even complete IT services that are provided by third parties. The ability to integrate the delivery of these IT services or capabilities properly along with your own internal IT service delivery is crucial. This paper describes how internal and external deliveries can be structured and managed in a hybrid delivery model. The model is more a concept and no standard architecture. Its describes a high level hybrid service delivery architecture and promotes its standardisation using technology neutral service delivery unit definitions.... Read More
  • IT Service Process Management - ITSPM +

    IT Service & Product management is a cross-functional discipline for managing an IT service throughout all phases of its lifecycle. These phases consist of strategy & planning, design, transition, operate, improve and retirement. Service Product Management requires a comprehensive understanding of the key organizational, business, customer and market aspects. To govern and manage IT service through their lifecycles, ITSPM uses a series of toll-gates. A proper implementation of a framework as described in this whitepaper including the corresponding roles, processes and boards is crucial to evolve your ITD to as a business model.... Read More
  • Hybrid IT Glossary +

    In this paper you find the key terms of the hybrid IT language. The IT Delivery is evolving into a Hybrid Service Delivery Model, the more it is important you speak the same language.... Read More
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