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CIO expertise tailored according your priority settings, on tap and on demand, on your side and without the price tag of a full-time CIO. We are your CIO or we provide the qualified advice in all relevant CIO topics like the Digital Transformation, IT strategy definition and operationalization, cost management, risk & compliance supervision that may be lacking in smaller environments and often is not needed on a permanent basis – as member of your team or sounding board.

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CIO as a Service - Description

Any enterprise relies on a stable, reliable, future-oriented and customer centric IT. A successful IT delivery is a business partner producing real value for your enterprise – and not an undesirable cost factor on the balance sheet.

Through this service we bring a CIO consultant into your organisation who is able to ensure that your IT strategy aligns and is implemented according your organisation’s strategic vision and business goals. The CIO consultant efficiently generate an overview of the actual situation, oversees the organization, its operating model and the IT landscape; he recognizes pain points, engages the necessary stakeholders across your business and elaborates with you solution proposals and drives the implementation according your roadmap aligned with the business priorities.

He aligns customer and IT delivery requirements with strategic plans, industry trends and technical innovation. We support service portfolio definition, IT delivery architecture and processes to ensure that your IT services perform exactly according business functional requirements, service level agreements, and cost targets. The CIO as a Service consultant reports directly to senior management and/or the Board. Based on experience, industry insight and access to a network of IT professionals, we credibly advocate your IT vision and strategy in your organisation and ensure the operationalisation. Our consultants convince through competence, decisiveness, and strong leadership.

Potential areas of focus:
  • Industry & market trend reviews
  • IT strategy and roadmap
  • IT service & delivery architecture
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • Target state definition
  • Operating model design
  • Organizational model & roles definition
  • Modernization, simplification and automation of your IT landscape
  • IT transformation and transition
  • Service development
  • Digital transformation
  • Policy & process Development
  • Cloud and DevOps Migration
  • Technology & provider selection
  • Service brokering
  • Sourcing, x-shoring & procurement
  • Contract planning & negotiation
  • Service portfolio maintenance
  • Service delivery management
  • Performance reporting
  • Project portfolio management
  • Provider management
  • Integration of managed services
  • IT financial management
  • Coaching & mentoring

We analyse and assess your IT delivery maturity, guide you through the planning stage of the complete service delivery life-cycle process, design and implement technology and vendor agnostic solutions.

CIO as a Service - Value proposition

As your CIO we propose well considered decisions, assess the true of IT, oversee implementation and importantly keep your costs down while allowing your team to reclaim some of their valuable time. On-site presence is crucial to work with your business stakeholders, your internal staff and your external suppliers. Whether it is for a request, an urgent decision, or as a sounding board, «as a Service» we are at your disposal. Our service model is designed to be flexible to ensure we can tailor a service to suit your needs. It is important that you select the package that offers you the best value for money and we are happy to discuss the different options with you.

What you get:

  • A full-value CIO function or consultancy according the scope agreed
  • Methodical and content-driven support in IT strategy definition and other CIO main topics
  • Ongoing advise or managing the execution and implementation of your roadmap
  • Interim gap-fill to lead and manage all aspects of your IT department or targeted support
  • Facilitate talent acquisition and selection for senior IT leadership
  • Business-as-usual management support, e.g. provider management
  • Provide effective project delivery management or PMO support
  • Represent IT on business leadership forums and the Board

Your Benefit:

  • CIO expertise on tap, on demand and on-site, without the price tag of a full-time CIO or CIO-office staff
  • A sounding board for strategic decisions or second opinion
  • Vendor and provider independent
  • Best practice methodology and approach to increase your IT’s effectiveness, efficiency & agility
  • Managed usage of technology by rigor governance– strategically, tactically and operationally
  • Standardized IT based on industries best practice
  • You focus on your business and core functions, effective stakeholder management, and have more efficient use of your staff’s time

With our long time field experience, we make sure you keep your IT journey on the right path!

CIO as a Service - Service packages

With our service packages (Gold, Silver & Bronze) you get a flat-rate and bespoke consultancy, at least one day per month on-site integrated in your company. As a service, we are always available, always online, as often as you need, to deal with any questions or decisions as they come up, or to discuss your concerns as they come to mind.


  • Option of 6 or 12 month contract
  • 1 day per month on-site
  • 4 hours per month online collaboration
  • 2 hours per month conceptual work
  • Best effort on demand service
  • Best fit resources
  • CHF 1’999.– per month*)


  • Option of 3, 6 or 12 month contract
  • 2 days per month on-site
  • 4 hours per month online collaboration
  • 4 hours per month conceptual work
  • On demand service during office hours
  • Dedicated CIO resource where possible
  • CHF 3’749.– per month*)


  • Option of 3, 6 or 12 month contract
  • 4 days per month on-site
  • 4 hours per month online collaboration
  • 8 hours per month conceptual work
  • 7*24 on demand service
  • Dedicated CIO resource
  • CHF 6’999.– per month*)

*) monthly flat-rate with optional pay per usage extensions. After 3 months notice you can change service package level

Each CIO as a service engagement starts with a setup phase: We define with you the mode of collaboration and operation during the period of agreement. During 2-4 days we specify the scope and deliverables, set the priorities, and agree on the goals. We agree on the KPIs and reporting schedule, plan the activities and projects for the coming months. On request we likely take on the role of managing IT within your organization.


  Bronze   Silver   Gold
On-Site Days 1   2   4
Online Collaboration Service Best Effort   Office   7*24h
Online Collaboration Hours 4   4   4
Conceptual Hours 2   4   8
Resources Best Fit   Dedicated   Dedicated
Optional Extensions yes   yes   yes
Monthly rate 3 Months Contract CHF 1'999   CHF 3'749   CHF 6'999
Monthly rate 6 Months Contract CHF 1'949   CHF 3'649   CHF 6'749
Monthly rate 12 Months Contract CHF 1'899   CHF 3'549   CHF 6'499
On-Site Daily Rate CHF 1'299   CHF 1'449   CHF 1'449
Hourly Rate CHF 160   CHF 175   CHF 175
Initial Service Setup    
Setup Fee CHF 2'499   CHF 3'749   CHF 4'999
Setup Days 2   3   4