• We always create a difference

    We always create a difference

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Who we are

Founded in August 2015, we are a fresh new company in the IT Transformation Consulting business, located in Berne, London and Zürich. As a fast growing firm, we are passionate about working in partnership with you. Together with you, we make a positive difference of your IT Service Delivery to create IT value for your business, so you are able to run your IT as or like a Business. We are senior IT leaders. With our long time field experience, we make sure you start your transformation journey on the right path.

Our Team

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Our Vision

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Frank Stich

Frank Stich | CEO

“Service orientation requires customer focus. This is not just about providing IT services, it means offering a great customer experience from the awareness stage through to demand-, relationship-, and service management. Customer centricity is a strategy changing processes, policies, culture and services, the Holy Grail creating real customer value.”

As FI2Q chief executive officer, Frank is responsible for FI2Q relationship and financial management and our operational execution. As a dedicated entrepreneur Frank founded FAST AG 30 years ago. As a  hands-on focused senior management executive he impacted on service and test management. Frank supported many customers with his services.

Martin Gerber

Dr. Martin Gerber | Partner

“Transformation is more than project management focusing on the triple constraint cost, time, and quality to produce deliverables according a clearly defined scope. ITD Transformation considers future business demand heavily affected by the evolvement of market/industry trends, new customer demands and the changeability of ITD capabilities. The desired target state changes underway. In this focus Transformation is a journey over multiple years and implemented by multiple interdependent projects.”

Martin is a partner of FI2Q and leverages his more than 12 years of IT experience to bring leading practices in Technology Strategy and IT Architecture. As a visionary IT Transformation Manager experienced in delivering high profile strategic IT change programs in the telecom and banking sector Martin focuses on IT strategy design, target operating models, business process redesign and service delivery optimization.

Adam Lay

Adam Lay | Partner

“At the highest level there are only three areas that achieve a sustainable return on investment for a technology organisation – Consumer Centricity, Effectiveness and Efficiency. Excel in all areas and you become market leader, neglect any one and decline is assured. Service Orientation is a key practice that combines and optimises all three - producing the right operational behaviours to maximise business results.”

Adam is our London based Partner . He carries 10 years of experience gained in senior leadership positions at top tier financial and insurance institutions. He has a strong commercial and consumer focus matched to a deep understanding of service design and architecture, underpinning technologies and project management skills have allowed him to successfully deliver major IT transformation programs.

Andre van Tuinen

Andre van Tuinen EMBA | Partner

“At its core, service centricity of your IT organization means a competitive business model. The lines of businesses of your enterprise have in fact many options for IT services provided and offered by external providers. In the extreme you have to run your IT organization as a company in a competitive (internal) market. You have to focus on your core competences to create best value for your enterprise and challenging or even use external offerings, to deliver real services with entrepreneurial risk taking and profit/lost responsibility. In fact running IT like and as a business.”

André is a partner of FI2Q and a results-driven IT management executive with over 20 years of experiences from the telecom, outsourcing and financial sector, managing large scale strategic programs or as CTO/CIO to bring leading practices in IT deliveries. His passion is to identify structural weaknesses and develop holistically cutting-edge IT strategies to overcome challenges, modernise IT services, and enabling the delivery of highly competitive IT services to customers. Andre focuses on the development and operationalization of IT strategies, service centric target operating models and implementation and large scale complex strategic IT programs.